Acadia 46


boat12The Acadia 46 is a new and important development in Maine boat building because she’s the first competitively priced, modified vee, production hull for planing applications to be made widely available as a foundation for custom and semi-custom builds. While she’s intended to serve your project in the same capacity as a traditional lobster boat hull, she’s targeted to a different higher speed mission. With a flow-tuned bottom and classic top-side architecture and state-of-the-art construction methods and materials from Marine Systems, the Acadia 46 is the perfect starting point for your next fast powerboat project.




  • Optimized for high-speed applications: 30+knots cruise and 40+knots sprint.
  • Stock hull, custom decks, superstructures, arrangements and systems.
  • Choice of laminates from industry standard E-glass/polyester to cutting edge
    advanced composites.
  • Ideal for twin engines coupled to conventional shafts & props, surface drives or jets.
  • Classic hull styling supports express and fly-bridge cockpit cruisers, sport-fisherman,
    and aft cabin motor-yachts.
  • Competitively priced. Help us click blue hoverboard ebay for getting discount.